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Mari Stull

Mari Stull

A wine journalist and columnist whose musings appear in over 25 newspapers, magazines, and online outlets monthly. The Vixen de-mystifies wine one sip and wine-oh at a time with her down to earth and humorous approach to vino.

Articles By Mari Stull

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For the Label Conscious
Feb 20,2008

Admit it. You have, on occasion, chosen a wine on label-looks alone. It’s OK. With all the new wineries, regions, producers, blends, choosing a wine can be daunting and confusing

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The Vino Vixen™ Twenty for Twenty at Jackson Twenty
Feb 13,2008

You’ve read the reviews and heard the buzz about Hotel Monaco’s Jackson 20 Restaurant. It’s chic without pretension, serious with a bit of irreverence. I won’t rehash what you’ve heard and read dozens of times about the hip joint – but, will echo that Jackson 20 is all that and more

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Old Town. Hip Town. Hotel Monaco … From The Inside by Vino Vixen
Jan 30,2008

Last weekend Old Town’s hippest hotel (by a long shot) opened its lobby doors and unveiled her chic and sexy self to the amazement and pleasure of all who have been waiting patiently for her arrival.

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An Elegant night of Art and Wine- The Athenaeum
Jan 22,2008

On Jan 16th the Athenaeum re-opened its door to the public after going through 6 month of construction. On a special snowy night, board member and the Vino Vixen*, Mari Stull, hosted a beautiful reception (co-sponsored by Local Kicks and the Alexandria Times)

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How Did Cat Pee* Get in My Wine? - by Vino Vixen
Jan 16,2008

And what about that tobacco, earth, honeysuckle, grass, apricot, barnyard, oak, butter, or plum? These are but 1/10th of the adjectives used to describe some common characteristics of that juice you sipped last night

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Wine Ratings – I Don’t Care About Them by Vino Vixen
Jan 03,2008

We can’t have the Washington Post have the last word on the topic of wine ratings – reserves final say on that issue. And the word is – fuggetaboutem. Or for those of you who have yet to enjoy your evening glass of wine - forget about them

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Holiday Deals & Vino Vixen Values
Dec 11,2007

Want to know where and how to score the very best in vino values this holiday season? Of course you do.

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Vino Vixen™ Top Wine Lists and Wine Specials in Alexandria
Aug 28,2007

To compliment last week’s splendid compendium of coffee digs, this week Local Kicks asked me to compile my picks for some of the best wine lists and wine specials in Alexandria.

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