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Mari Stull

Mari Stull

A wine journalist and columnist whose musings appear in over 25 newspapers, magazines, and online outlets monthly. The Vixen de-mystifies wine one sip and wine-oh at a time with her down to earth and humorous approach to vino.

Articles By Mari Stull

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Champagne Dinner
Oct 14,2009

All LocalKicks readers may enjoy the dinner at the Club BV* price. Unfortunately, the reception is running a deficit (actual cost is $63/pp), so can't extend to that. UNBELIEVABLE Champagnes that are normally $18-$58 glass - $65-$300/bottle.

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Wine – Part of a Healthy Lifestyle
Jul 28,2009

With a title like that, this article is sure to grace the door of many refrigerators this month… As it should. Wine is rich in antioxidants (especially red wine), raises your good cholesterol (HDL-Cholesterol),

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US Women are Wine-OHs and More WIne Facts
Jul 06,2009

How much wine does the US produce? America produces about $45 billion of wine annually. California is the leading wine producing state in the U.S. — making about 90 percent of American — and there are wineries now in all 50 states.

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World-Wide Wine Values
Jun 13,2009

Argentina – Land of Polo, Beautiful People, and Gorgeous Wine Although all subjects are interesting in their own right, let’s focus on the last one for now. You may recall my last column focused on the “Economics of Wine”

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Jester Shiraz
May 21,2009

Recently I was sipping at one of my favorite Old Town wine-haunts- Vermillion. The ever-affable General Manager, Dave Hammond brought over a new Shiraz (not even on the list yet) that was simply UNREAL.

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And the Nominees Are In!
Mar 26,2009

The Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington held the nomination party at the Ritz Carlton in Georgetown to announce their 2009 RAMMY Finalists. And many of those finalists were our own Northern Virginians

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Paris Tasting Winner - Stag’s Leap in Town
Mar 11,2009

It was June 7, 1976 and America was jubilant in celebration of her bicentennial. Just two hundred years young, the US of A was full of confidence, aplomb, and a deep sense of national pride. And for the California wine industry this was the date that launched her wines into national fame. And Stag’s Leap led the way…

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New Study: Excessive Glasses of Wine May Make One Tipsy
Jan 12,2009

A new study released today by the Wine Institute of National Oenophiles (WINO) reveals that sipping multiple glasses of wine may induce feelings of invulnerability, delusions of supreme attractiveness to and from the opposite sex, and a general feeling of euphoria and unbridled silliness.

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