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Erin P. Doherty Linkow

Erin P. Doherty Linkow

Erin P. Doherty Linkow is a technical writer at Northrop Grumman. She participates in Federal Plain Language workshops and applies the related principles to USPS Statistical Programs policies, software-related procedures, correspondence, and training materials. Otherwise, Erin adopts shelter parakeets and enjoys caring for them and other people’s pets holistically. By day, Erin enjoys hiking and attending Phoenix Landing Parrot Education workshops. By night, she enjoys attending plays with her husband, Raymond, and getting quotes at the after party for her reviews.

Articles By Erin P. Doherty Linkow

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'The Odd Couple: The Female Version': Much Funnier Than Expected
Apr 27,2015

Thirty years ago on June 11, Neil Simon converted Oscar and Felix’s characters to Olive and Florence's. Since then, the focus has shifted from comparing the male and female versions to developing the female characters fully. LTA's production features a cast with expert comic timing who is as down-to-earth as their characters. Charles

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“God of Carnage” Features Parental Regression
Mar 09,2015

Yazmina Reza's 90-minute play features Alan and Annette Raleigh (Jack B. Stein and Allison Block) and Michael and Veronica Novak (Chuck Dluhy and Karen Shotts)

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“The Games Afoot” Is a Fast-Paced and Fun Whodunit
Jan 26,2015

Classical music reminiscent of that enjoyed in 1936, when the play is set, is well selected and played at a nice soft volume by Alan Wray, the sound designer. The customary, familiar fog fills Little Theatre of Alexandria before the show begins. Signs on the doors surround the theatre as well

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Three Spirits Get Scrooge into the Christmas Spirit
Dec 08,2014

LTA’s simple staging, period costumes and lilting choral harmonies make this one-act, one-hour version of Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol” a must see. Ebenezer Scroogeطs (Mike Baker, Jr.) metamorphosis from tightwad grouch to the very embodiment of the Christmas spirit begins

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LTA’s Rocky Horror Show: An 'Absolute Pleasure'
Nov 06,2014

Most know it as The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the film released in 1975 the same year as it opened on Broadway. Hence, the playgoers received 3D glasses for the play, which was first staged in 1973 in London. The Rocky Horror Show musical is an ode to the science fiction and horror movies of the 1940s to 1970s.

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A Streetcar Named Desire: Enduring Classic Unflinchingly Connects Love Triangle’s Fantasies, Realities
Sep 16,2014

No curtain opened on this opening night; rather, the audience could absorb Baron Pugh's stark and claustrophobic two-room apartment set design immediately and throughout the play. As frequent theatergoer and Russian literature enthusiast Patrick Estrada

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Aug 05,2014

Arthur Snow and his team effectively execute special effects, beginning with projections of floating clouds and sky that change color behind the curtain. Then, the curtain opens and a high-energy evening of fun begins. The Historian (Patrick Graham) provides context from a castle tower before Arthur’s story commences with slapstick humor.

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LTA's 'Plaza Suite' Finds Humor Shining through the Pain of Our Timeless Human Condition
Jun 20,2014

Eddie Page, Little Theatre of Alexandria's president, was outside the entrance to greet and thank theatregoers who came to see "Plaza Suite." This show, like others here, opened on June 14 Alexandria to a full house. Director Shawn G. Byers chose a creative approach to Neil Simon's play, which opened in the 1960s.

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