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Erin P. Doherty

Erin P. Doherty

Erin P. Doherty Linkow is a technical writer at Northrop Grumman. She participates in Federal Plain Language workshops and applies the related principles to USPS Statistical Programs policies, software-related procedures, correspondence, and training materials. Otherwise, Erin adopts shelter parakeets and enjoys caring for them and other people’s pets holistically. By day, Erin enjoys hiking and attending Phoenix Landing Parrot Education workshops. By night, she enjoys attending plays with her husband, Raymond, and getting quotes at the after party for her reviews.

Articles By Erin P. Doherty

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LTA's 'Plaza Suite' Finds Humor Shining through the Pain of Our Timeless Human Condition
Jun 20,2014

Eddie Page, Little Theatre of Alexandria's president, was outside the entrance to greet and thank theatregoers who came to see "Plaza Suite." This show, like others here, opened on June 14 Alexandria to a full house. Director Shawn G. Byers chose a creative approach to Neil Simon's play, which opened in the 1960s.

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'Proof' Aptly Explores Love, Madness, Trust and Genius
Mar 13,2014

In the Little Theatre of Alexandria's version of "Proof," the lights are either on or off, affirming the black-and-white, right-or-wrong nature of mathematics. The narrator-who may be the late professor, Robert-describes the proof. Four characters focus on four issues: love, madness, trust and genius. The story centers on a widower father

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