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Steve Houk

Steve Houk

Steve Houk is loving life and rocking out as a weekend musician. He has interviewed just about every pop musician imaginable to show up at the Birchmere, from Buddy Guy to Robin Trower. Houk lives in Annandale with his wife and kids. For his day job, Steve is Marketing Director of WUSA 9.

Articles By Steve Houk

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The Stranger Hits the Yellow Brick Road to DC
Mar 10,2009

My passionate lifelong love of music first got a jump start by a trip down the Yellow Brick Road. Not the Yellow Brick Road with Dorothy. The one with Alice the lesbian and the Sweet Painted Lady. Not the Yellow Brick Road with the Munchkins. The one with Bennie and The Jets.

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Justin Townes Earle: Way More Than Just Good Genes
Feb 24,2009

Sometimes, the offspring of talented people don’t come close to living up to their genes. In fact, more often than not, they fall way short, and spend the bulk of their life fruitlessly trying to live up to the hype.

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MIDLIFE ROCKER/One of Those Nights
Feb 20,2009

Our band Second Wind has been together three years this month. Three years! John Lennon said back in 1962 that he didn’t know if the Beatles would last ten years or two weeks.

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The Legend of Buddy Guy: Where Credit is Due
Feb 18,2009

Sometimes people get credit where credit is due. Sometimes. Take the birth of rock and roll for instance: black American bluesmen head overseas in the late 50's-early 60's and introduce the blues to an adoring throng of awestruck young European rockers, including members of the Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Led Zeppelin, as well as Eric Clapton, fellow American Jimi Hendrix and other future rock icons.

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Houk's Happenings: Al Jarreau, Fleetwood Mac and BB King teed up for concert gigs
Feb 17,2009

World fusion, industrial metal, the sounds of Gnawa, legendary Grammy winners, and even two ultimate blues legends on one stage - these and more are all some of Houk's Happenings for the next few weeks.

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MIDLIFE ROCKER / The Darkling Thrush
Jan 02,2009

From the pen of Thomas Hardy 109 years ago today, and by way of my dear friend John Malone, here is a beautiful piece of moving prose to usher in your new year.

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Midlife Rocker/Got Milk
Dec 31,2008

Saw a phenomenal film this weekend: Gus Van Sant’s “Milk.” Play the trailer for a real taste of the film and then read on.

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Mid Life Rocker / It is a Wonderful Life
Dec 25,2008

Not going to go on forever here. But hey, it is Christmas Eve, and an emotional cuss like me is sure to wax that way on a day like this.

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