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Steve Houk

Steve Houk

Steve Houk is loving life and rocking out as a weekend musician. He has interviewed just about every pop musician imaginable to show up at the Birchmere, from Buddy Guy to Robin Trower. Houk lives in Annandale with his wife and kids. For his day job, Steve is Marketing Director of WUSA 9.

Articles By Steve Houk

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MAE: Making Music and Making A Difference
Nov 04,2009

Funny how things work out sometimes. Take the altruistically-inclined Virginia-based alternative rock band Mae, for instance. It was a confluence of major band events that sparked what has now become an integral part of the band’s overall mission: to not only make great music for their fans and grow their base, but also

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A 21st Century Renaissance
Oct 08,2009

The term can strike fear in the minds of true fans of bands whose best days are long since past. Sometimes, reunion tours work. The bands still have the chops, and the songs take fans back to their youth and remind them of why they followed the band in the first place. It can even rejuvenate faded careers.

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MIDLIFE ROCKER/This Guiding Light Keeps Burning
Sep 17,2009

This week, the CBS soap opera Guiding Light will fade to black after an unprecedented 72-year run that began as a radio serial in 1937 (it was first broadcast five days after FDR’s inauguration), and then moved to TV in 1952.

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Peter Frampton Stays Alive
Aug 26,2009

There are three words that most accurately sum up my high school years in the late ‘70's. Not "the big play." Not "the senior prom." Not even "the back seat." Although it sure was fun back there. No, the three words that bring back the most treasured and nostalgic memories from those formative years are: "Frampton...Comes...Alive."

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Davy Knowles: The Gunslinger Guitarist of the 21st Century
Aug 23,2009

The Isle Of Man, located in the middle of the Irish Sea between Britain and Ireland and just below Scotland, is not a place where you’d really expect the next potential king of blues guitar to hail from.

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MIDLIFE ROCKER/Crosby Stills & Nash: From One Sweet Meadow to Another, 40 Years Later
Aug 07,2009

In August 1969, right after the astonishing Apollo moon landing and right before the lowly Mets would shock the sports world with a World Series win, a half a million strong would converge along with some of the world’s greatest rock musicians

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Derek Trucks: Sliding into Superstardom on Musical Roots
Aug 06,2009

Any kid named after the title of one of rock music’s most heralded supergroups clearly has their future vocation established pretty early on. Derek Trucks’ first name came from “Derek and the Dominos”, the short-lived 60’s supergroup that included rock legends Eric Clapton

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MIDLIFE ROCKER/Choosing the Right Song to Sing: The Debate Rages on
Jul 27,2009

In the course of picking songs for our rock and roll cover band of 40-somethings Second Wind to play in venues across Fairfax County, debates always surface and it can even get kinda heated. Should we learn another classic rock song?

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