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Gale Curcio

Gale Curcio

Gale Curcio was a reporter and editor with the Connection Newspapers for eight years. She has spent the past four years doing development, marketing and communications for non-profit organizations. Active in the Alexandria community, Gale is involved with several local Chambers and does volunteer work for United Community Ministries.

Articles By Gale Curcio

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Jackson Browne at Wolf Trap, Running on Full
Jul 27,2012

When Jackson Browne came out on stage at Wolf Trap this week, he didn't look like he had aged hardly at all during the 40 years or so since he has been performing. The only physical indication that he had aged was when he said he needed a magnifying glass to tune up one of his guitars. His musical style has definitely grown over the years

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SUMMER CONCERTS/Bonnie RaittRocks Wolf Trap
Jun 21,2012

Cole and Joni Case like Bonnie Raitt so much that they drove up from North Carolina just to see her. Cole’s cousin, Tony Case, owner of Hybla Valley Nursery, offered them the tickets and they gladly took them. Denton Browning accompanied them as well. The sold-out crowd started rocking even before Raitt

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WEEKEND'S BEST/Celebrating Beethovenwith Wounded Warriors
May 22,2012

Wounded Warriors and Beethoven. Not your typical association. However, it is Beethoven music that has raised hundreds of thousand of dollars for Wounded Warriors through Beethovenfound over the past few years. Derived from a love of music, H. David Meyers and Brett Murray

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Mindy LaBruno's 25 Years of Jazzercise
Mar 14,2012

Mindy LaBruno says she never liked to exercise. “But a friend of mine took me to a Jazzercise class and I instantly fell in love with it," she said. "Two years prior to becoming certified, I started going to classes twice a day. I finally decided that if I was attending classes as a student twice a day

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Cherry Dishes prove to be big hit in Alexandria
Mar 01,2012

Twelve years ago, the George Washington Birthday Celebration Committee was looking for a way to get local restaurants involved. “We had talked about various kinds of food-related events, and had trouble figuring out what the logistics would be," said Sharon Sobel,who served on the committee for the past 12 years.

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Beethovenfound – Not Your Typical Symphony Orchestra
Feb 17,2012

Going to a Beethovenfound concert is not like going to a typical symphony orchestra. The show may start on time – and it may not. It may follow the order of the program – or it may not. A ringing cell phone during the performance will simply be factored in, and if the guest of honor is late, he will just be move to the next slot so that the show can go on.

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Roy Heron's Vision for T.C. Williams - Now Open
Feb 01,2012

Dr. Roy Heron, the founder of Doctor’s Weight Loss Center, had a vision. He shared his vision with Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille, who in turn shared it with Suzanne Maxey, the principal of T.C. Williams High School and Dr. Morton Sherman, the superintendent of Alexandria City Public Schools.

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David Hazard Brings His Writing Expertise to Alexandria
Jan 03,2012

There is still time to sign up for David Hazard’s Writing Intensive Workshop that will be held at The Vanderzee Gallery at 105 S. Lee Street in Old Town, February 16 to 19. This is the fourth year that the workshop has been held and the gallery lends itself to creativity. Writers work side by side

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