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Tommy McFly

Tommy McFly

Initially, Tommy wanted to be a lawyer. But when he got his own radio show at age 15 in his hometown of Scranton PA., all thoughts of cross examination and evidence tampering went out the window. It’s been three years since the call came to work at Mix 107.3 FM, where you can catch him weeknights from 7 pm to midnight. Tommy writes the weekly column, "Tommy's Take," exclusively for Local Kicks. Contact Tommy at

Articles By Tommy McFly

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TOMMY'S TAKE/News Flash: Brunettes Play Football Better than Blondes
Nov 18,2009

The Skins could take a knee in comparison to the teams of fierce competitors who took the field at George Washington University's Mount Vernon campus last weekend. With a season still down in the dustheap, there was lots more to cheer there than at FedEx Field these days.

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TOMMY'S TAKE/selfLESS promotion. . .The New DC Trend?
Nov 15,2009

Many media types can make music. Some have even formed bands and rocked out locally for causes, self-esteem boosts, etc. This week I set out to give you intel on your favorite TV news producer turned guitarist or columnist providing more cowbell.

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TOMMY'S TAKE/Let Them Eat Cake...Outside!
Nov 04,2009

“What’s a guy gotta do to get a table outside in this town?” I asked myself in a lame even-in-my-own-head New Yorker accent while being turned away from restaurant after restaurant last Friday night. My simple dine outside. A friend and I had set out to enjoy what seems to be one of the last perfect fall nights for outdoor dining.

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Tommy’s Take/Balloon Boys, Octomoms and other Halloween Mishaps
Oct 28,2009

What the Grinch is to Christmas, I am to Halloween. It could be that scary things don’t suit me just right or as a kid my mask was too tight. Whether the cause was the mask or the scare, I've decided that this year will be different; I'm going to enjoy All Saints Day Eve.

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TOMMY’s TAKE/Driving Perfection with Lamborghini's Top Test Driver
Sep 30,2009

Zero to sixty-two in 3.9 seconds. That's pretty much all you need to know about the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 Valentino Balboni. This marvel of human imagination, design and engineering has a much more personal story

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TOMMY'S TAKE/PINK and U2 Roll into Town
Sep 22,2009

Get ready...Arguably two of the biggest names in music today are tag-teaming the Nation’s Capitol next Monday and Tuesday night. After a parade of hits, over the top VMA performances, public breakup-makeup-breakup-makeup with husband Carey Hart, and a simply stellar album Funhouse it’s time for touring.

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Tommy's Take/The Move from Hell
Sep 02,2009

This is my tale of woe, the move from Hell which oddly enough was relocating me near the National Cathedral... Now that is ironic! Anyone who has ever broken down a box, taped a Rubber Maid bin, played Furniture Tetris in an elevator or had a full on if-it-would-not-land-me-behind-bars-I'd-climb-over-this-counter

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Getting Unplugged in DC with Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20
Aug 19,2009

Who knew one of the world's greatest rockers could also bring down the house with laughs? What a thrill to share a stage and a mic Monday with the legendary Rob Thomas, a Grammy-Award winning, Triple Platinum artist who's shared a stage with less mortal souls like Willie Nelson,

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