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Tommy McFly

Tommy McFly

Initially, Tommy wanted to be a lawyer. But when he got his own radio show at age 15 in his hometown of Scranton PA., all thoughts of cross examination and evidence tampering went out the window. It’s been three years since the call came to work at Mix 107.3 FM, where you can catch him weeknights from 7 pm to midnight. Tommy writes the weekly column, "Tommy's Take," exclusively for Local Kicks. Contact Tommy at

Articles By Tommy McFly

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TOMMY'S TAKE/ Grabbing my Lawn Seat for the Crazy Energy of Dave Mathews Band
Aug 04,2009

The Boys of Summer have arrived. The music, the excitement, the feeling of thousands coming together for one unified reason. There is nothing like tailgating before a Dave Matthews Band concert.

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TOMMY's TAKE/The Lights Go up on The Piano Men
Jul 07,2009

It was with breathless anticipation for Saturday’s concert that I sat down with a bottle of red, and a bottle of white to get in the spirit for the Piano Man to rock Nats Stadium. Sure, there’s some British dude coming with him, but BILLY JOEL is where it’s at, as far as I'm concerned.

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