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Tommy McFly

Tommy McFly

Initially, Tommy wanted to be a lawyer. But when he got his own radio show at age 15 in his hometown of Scranton PA., all thoughts of cross examination and evidence tampering went out the window. It’s been three years since the call came to work at Mix 107.3 FM, where you can catch him weeknights from 7 pm to midnight. Tommy writes the weekly column, "Tommy's Take," exclusively for Local Kicks. Contact Tommy at

Articles By Tommy McFly

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TOMMY'S TAKE/Up Close with Bindi Irwin
May 12,2010

Oh, Bindi. As I made my way to the National Zoo a little over a month ago to chat with the international kiddie-star Bindi Irwin, I was at a loss for expectations. Would she be cool, would she be fun, would she know what in the world she was talking about and why she was in Washington? Yes, Yes, and Yes.

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ZIPS Off Like a Gently Used Prom Dress
Apr 06,2010

Every girl deserves a chance to go to their high school prom. The non-profit Once Upon a Prom believes it’s one of the most defining moments in a young girl’s life. For numerous reasons many young ladies cannot afford all the bells and whistles that seem so standard for that supposed-to-be-magical evening.

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TOMMY’s TAKE/New Year, New Ways to Get Ticketed
Jan 13,2010

A new revolution around the sun is a great jumping off point to change yourself, your surroundings and without the proper heads up get your ride booted. I have a love/hate relationship with DC parking enforcement officials. In the past, I may or may not have called them

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TOMMY’s TAKE / Resolution Pitfalls
Dec 30,2009

Fail is a term that has become part of the region's lexicon for about a year now. Sorry to report, it’s not new and you’re not as trendy as you may think. Insult the reader right away, it’s the best way to get them to read the rest of your column. If you have not X’d me out or gone over to check out what NBCWashington

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TOMMY'S TAKE/Toughen up People! It's only Frosted Flakes!
Dec 23,2009

The past weekend of wintry wonderland-ed-ness was quite the spectacle. Who would have thought that fourteen-ish inches of frozen precipitation would bring the most powerful city in the world to its knees. Full disclosure: I'm from Scranton Pennsylvania,

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TOMMY'S TAKE/Barack the Handyman Storms Home Depot
Dec 16,2009

Guys, we can officially never get out of a household project, ever again; Barack Obama officially launched his "Cash for Caulkers Tour" Tuesday in Alexandria. President Obama -- community organizer, leader of the free world, Nobel Peace Prize winner, the great inspirer of hope and change -- cannot get out of a trip to Home Depot.

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TOMMY'S TAKE/Not Crashing The White House for its Holiday Tour
Dec 09,2009

On Tuesday, it was an honor for Local Kicks to be invited. . .ACTUALLY INVITED. . .unlike some other people to the White House for a first hand look at its amazing holiday display at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. We entered through the 15th Street Gate, past about five sets of security ("That's M-c-F-L-Y, of Local K-I-C-K-S")

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TOMMY'S TAKE/The Salahis Crashed my Thanksgiving!
Dec 02,2009

It seemed like we were done for the Thanksgiving weekend. Normally the media machine slows down for long holiday weekends, rest assured that we were going to re-run the video of Paula Deen taking a ham to the face and President Obama pardoning the turkey.

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