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Rich Galen

Rich Galen

Rich Galen has been described as "what you get when you cross a political hack with a philosopher." Rich has been press secretary to Dan Quayle, when the former Vice President was a Congressman and a U.S. Senator; and to Newt Gingrich when Gingrich was House Republican Whip and, in 1996 became the communications director of the political office of Speaker Gingrich.

Articles By Rich Galen

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MULLINGS/Our Man in Morocco
Feb 06,2013

I have left Old Town, Alexandria and I am in Morocco with Mullpal Peter Fenn as a bi-partisan team to meet with and help train young people in and out of the Moroccan government on communication strategies. The trip is sponsored by Legacy International through a grant from the U.S. Department of State.

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MULLINGS/Catching the Fluh
Jan 09,2013

I am good about getting my shots. At my advanced age I was supposed to get a pneumonia shot and a shingles shot, so I got them. I also got a flu shot. I didn't get a flu shot in Tanzania or Kenya. I got it at my Doc's office on K Street so I can only assume it was full strength. Next year, I'm going to ask for super strength

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MULLINGS/This 'n That
Dec 10,2012

I am in desperately searching for something to write about that doesn't include the words "fiscal cliff." Maybe we'll just cruise around the net and see what catches our attention. Here's one. Remember that unbelievable photo of the 13-year-old Afghan girl who was on the cover of National Geographic in 1985? It was taken by Steve McCurry.

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Dec 04,2012

With the Redskins playing the Monday night game and the Nationals still not having made a deal with their First baseman, Adam LaRoche, there's not much to think about here in Our Nation's Capital other than that pesky fiscal cliff. Depending on what comes up in your Google search for "What will be the effect on GDP of the fiscal cliff" you get answers ranging from

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MULLINGS/Thanksgiving 2012 - Rainbow
Nov 26,2012

It was the day before Thanksgiving, crisp and clear. I was giving the Mullmobile it's quarterly treat: A professional car wash. At Andy's Car Wash in Alexandria, you drop your car off, then go inside to pay. A woman and a little girl - about three-and-a-half - were paying ahead of me. It was a cold day, so the little girl was bundled up in the way

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MULLINGS/Electoral Collage
Nov 16,2012

The United States Constitution provides for an indirect election of the President. That is, you didn't vote for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney last week; you voted for electors pledged to vote for one or the other. The 12th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (which superseded a large section of Article II, Section 1) suggests says

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MULLINGS/Another Election
Oct 30,2012

I've been here for two days preparing for, and actually observing, the Ukrainian parliamentary elections. I was part of the International Observer Mission in that effort. During the day before I hopped on an airplane from Kiev to come down here we were briefed by various

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MULLINGS/Obama Gets the Win at Second Debate
Oct 17,2012

Short answer: Obama rebounded strongly in this debate. Romney was prepared and did as well as he did in the first one, but Obama's performance was so much better than last time, he gets the win. Mitt Romney got the first question (from a college student asking about the availability of a job after he graduates).

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