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Rich Galen

Rich Galen

Rich Galen has been described as "what you get when you cross a political hack with a philosopher." Rich has been press secretary to Dan Quayle, when the former Vice President was a Congressman and a U.S. Senator; and to Newt Gingrich when Gingrich was House Republican Whip and, in 1996 became the communications director of the political office of Speaker Gingrich.

Articles By Rich Galen

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MULLINGS/It's Getting Harder Every Day
Mar 15,2016

Elite Washington is totally consumed by the political events over the past week. From Donald Trump cancelling a large rally in Chicago on security grounds, to video of a White

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MULLINGS/Our Man in Kiev
Jun 05,2014

I was in Ukraine over the weekend as part of the Official Observer mission courtesy of the International Republican Institute. My two-person team was assigned to Kharkiv which is the province just north of the two provinces that have been under siege by the separatists. It is adjacent to the Russian border.

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MULLINGS/The Yin and the Yang
Sep 19,2013

We have spoken of this before: The veneer of civilization is very, very thin. Anyone. Anyone can cause unimaginable horror to happen by virtue of doing something that you or I would never think of. Such an event happened earlier this week at the Washington Navy Yard when a mentally disturbed

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MULLINGS/Back to School 2013
Sep 08,2013

The children of Alexandria have gone back to school. And, in nearly every household, there is at least one person who is standing over the kitchen sink in tears, wondering where the years have gone. I understand. Every year at this time, I remember a wonderful essay I heard on NPR

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MULLINGS/Was Justice Carried?
Jul 17,2013

We often hear about a "miscarriage of justice" but rarely a "carriage of justice." Much as we call people inept, but never say someone is really, really, etp. Ok, there is no such word as "ept" so that doesn't count. The national news corps was all a-twitter - including being ON Twitter - when the jury came back with its not guilty verdict

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MULLINGS/Snowden: Oh for 20
Jul 09,2013

America's Traitor, Edward Snowden has allegedly applied for asylum in 20 countries. None have granted it. But late yesterday afternoon, there were suspicious that Snowden had boarded the aircraft carrying the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, from Moscow to Bolivia.

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MULLINGS/The Incredible Shrinking Presidency
Jun 28,2013

After it was reported that President Obama said in Africa, "I'm not going to be scrambling jets to get a 29-year-old hacker," I Tweeted: "Hell, he didn't even scramble jets to save a U.S. Ambassador." That was re-Tweeted 204 times as of 9 o'clock last night which counts as "Trending" at Mullings Central.

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MULLINGS/What Happened to Just Quitting?
Jun 10,2013

Edward Snowden is not a hero. He's a 29-year-old former security guard at the National Security Agency who ended up knowing way too much about what goes on at the NSA, CIA and probably the MIB (I know I've used that line before, but I still like it). Snowden, in case you - like me - spent

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