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Kirsten Obadal

Kirsten Obadal

Kiki Obadal writes from Old Town Alexandria on a variety of lifestyle subjects in her column, "Meanderings". She has written for community media for several years, including the Old Town Crier and the Alexandria Times, and most recently for Local Kicks. On Local Kicks, watch for "Meanderings" and Kiki's articles about local leaders and events.

Articles By Kirsten Obadal

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Crimes of Passion in the classic West Side Story at the Little Theatre of Alexandria
Jul 26,2016

The Little Theatre of Alexandria has had a love affair recently with British plays, so it was with enthusiasm that the regulars in attendance on opening night connected with this all-American

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Dixie Swim Club a heartwarming amusement at Aldersgate Community Theater
Jul 14,2016

Ladies, and those who like to laugh with them, will be amused by this heartwarming comedy-drama offered by the Aldersgate Community Theater in Alexandria. If you have reached middle age, you will sympathize. If not, listen and learn.

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The History Boys makes the silly sensible at the Little Theatre of Old Town
Jun 08,2016

Fans of the British stage tradition, as well as fans of the Dead Poets Society and the much-loved Mr. Chips will enjoy this production of the History Boys by Alan Bennett. Directed by Frank D,. Shutts II and produced by Mary Beth Smith-Toomey, this is an insightful and sensitive

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And away they go! Middleburg Hunt hosts annual Point to Point Races
Jun 03,2016

Ankle deep mud, soggy grass, and heavy leaden skies were not enough to quell the spirits of a few thousand excited race goers at the annual Middleburg Hunt Point to Point Races this May 1st at Glenwood Park in Middleburg, Virginia.

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Fool for Love opens at the Lab at Convergence Theater 'Port City Playhouse'
Mar 02,2016

Actor, director, screenwriter, and Pulitzer-prize winning playwright Sam Shepard brings us a thoughtful play about the different kinds of love we can experience, some foolish, some forbidden, and some just right. Fool for Love

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Feb 21,2016

On May 1, the Middleburg Hunt will host its annual steeplechase race at the nationally renowned Glenwood Park. Established in 1932 by former Master of Middleburg Hunt Daniel Cox Sands, Glenwood Park

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St. Mary's Catholic Church in Old Town Marches for Life
Jan 25,2016

It is extraordinary that half a million people can rally in front of the Supreme Court and by completely ignored by mainstream media. Parishioners from St. Mary’s in Old Town

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Medieval Story Land: Much Mirth and Cheer at the Lab at Convergence Theater 'Port City Playhouse'
Jan 19,2016

Once upon a time in elfin land, fate encountered destiny to tell a tall tale of knights, elves, kings, magical swords, and long and dangerous quests. There was mortal combat and, to be sure, love, true love as well is in the mixture in this delightful romp of a play by writer

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