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Kirsten Obadal

Kirsten Obadal

Kiki Obadal writes from Old Town Alexandria on a variety of lifestyle subjects in her column, "Meanderings". She has written for community media for several years, including the Old Town Crier and the Alexandria Times, and most recently for Local Kicks. On Local Kicks, watch for "Meanderings" and Kiki's articles about local leaders and events.

Articles By Kirsten Obadal

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THE SPORTING LIFE: Polo Icon John Gobin
Jan 13,2012

About an hour’s drive southwest of D.C. lies Willow Run, home to an icon of American polo, John Gobin. Gobin manages The Great Meadow Polo Club in The Plains, VA., and is captain of the US Polo Team, competing internationally against the world's finest teams. From April 'til November each year Gobin offers

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For a good laugh, see The Little Theatre’s 'Noises Off'
Nov 09,2011

The Little Theatre of Alexandria continues its tradition of quality productions with its current play, "Noises Off," with the return of Little Theater Veteran director C. Evans Kirk. The play ran on Broadway and film version with Christopher Reeve and Carol Burnett may be familiar to many readers. Noises off was written by Michael Frayn.

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Little Theater of Alexandria presents 'Rabbit Hole'
Sep 22,2011

Staging a play about tragedy requires a sensitive, fine hand. The cast of "Rabbit Hole" at the Little Theater of Alexandria delivers with a fine hand in this thoughtful play about grief. This play was written by David Lindsay-Abaire and was made into a movie starring Nicole Kidman in 2010.

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Little Theatre Rocks with 'Hairspray'
Jul 25,2011

Break out the Aqua Mist and run, do not walk, to the Little Theatre of Alexandria for its spectacular production of the sixties-based musical, "Hairspray." This production is huge, over the top, and out of the ball park. It is a feel-good production for all ages over about 13. The plot line

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Lovers of British Comedy, This is your play..
Jun 06,2011

Lovers of British comedy, don't miss this. The little Theater knocks the ball out of the park with "Move over Mrs. Markham." The play is set in early 1970's England, in the home of a very upwardly mobile, upper middle class couple. Never has more fun been poked at bourgeois affectations and the things people

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Little Theater rocking with laughter in [Title of Show]
May 03,2011

Not since Mrs. Malaprop have so many puns been strung together, along with references to pop culture and a remarkable mastery of slang, that colloquial language that one must really be a cultural insider to understand. If [Title of Show] is anything, it is a continuous play on words to delight the linguistic sides of our brains.

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Vignettes from a Saudi Journey
Mar 30,2011

My plane descends through a yellow cloud of dust—a sandstorm has engulfed Riyadh on my arrival. I am struck by the newness of everything, and by the number of construction projects along the road as my driver takes me to the compound where I will live. I am to teach at a women’s university as part of the English department faculty

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Little Theater takes us to Wales with the Widdershins
Mar 07,2011

Wales, 1902. An entire family has disappeared and it is the job of Inspector Ruffing to find them. But this quickly becomes something much more than an ordinary whodunit, although it is certainly that. The avant garde script has a stream of consciousness quality, and characters delve into mysticism, Druidic ritual, and the occult.

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