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Kirsten Obadal

Kirsten Obadal

Kiki Obadal writes from Old Town Alexandria on a variety of lifestyle subjects in her column, "Meanderings". She has written for community media for several years, including the Old Town Crier and the Alexandria Times, and most recently for Local Kicks. On Local Kicks, watch for "Meanderings" and Kiki's articles about local leaders and events.

Articles By Kirsten Obadal

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THEATRE/LTA's Witness for the Prosecution
Apr 30,2012

Lovers of Rumpole of the Bailey, whodunits, and especially those in the legal profession will relish this no-nonsense depiction of the British legal system in the LTA’s current production of Witness for the Prosecution by Agatha Christie. Veteran thespian Eddie Page does a masterful job of directing this play

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Jazz Musician Ski Johnson: An underdog no more
Apr 23,2012

Early February brought a bittersweet moment for local jazz musician Ski Johnson; one moment he's reveling in the glow of a fourth walk down the red carpet of the Grammys in Los Angeles, the next he's mourning the tragic loss of his longtime friend and music mentor, Whitney Houston. “Clive Davis gave a party in Beverly Hills

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Bringing the Thrill of Riding to Inner City Kids
Mar 14,2012

February was Black History Month, and for those who attended the President’s Day Parade in Old Town, you would have noticed the riders of the United Horsemen’s Association. Based in Fredericksburg, the UHA’s mission is to promote horsemanship and carry on the traditions of cowboys into the urban environment.

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THEATRE/Heaven Can Wait
Mar 01,2012

What would you do with your life if you died, and God gave you a second chance? The Little Theatre of Alexandria is presenting Heaven Can Wait, written by Harry Segall, a light-hearted look at death and the choices we make. The production was directed by Roland Branford Gomez, and produced by Leighann Behrens and Mary Ayala Bush.

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THEATRE/The LTA's Putnam County Spelling Bee
Feb 28,2012

No topic is off limits in this new production at the Little Theater of Alexandria, which pokes politically incorrect fun at virtually every hot button issue that pertains to being a teenager in modern America: sex, homosexuality, crime, and religion. There is even a hilarious entrance by Jesus, which manages to be respectful

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Schooling Fido: Dog trainer Jenn Guerriero explains it all
Feb 21,2012

After investing several hundred dollars for a breed puppy, what could be worse than having it poop in the house and chew on your best pair of boots? Or bark too much? It’s enough to send you running to nearest pound. Better yet, find a certified dog trainer to educate your dog about proper canine behavior.

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Circe Day Spa Undergoes Renovation, New Ownership
Feb 13,2012

Circe was the Greek goddess of magic, renowned for her eternally youthful beauty and for her knowledge of healing herbs. Her name rightfully befits the Circe Day Salon and Spa in Old Town Alexandria, famous in the D.C. area among spa aficionados for its use of the naturally and organically based Aveda products

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The Washington Winter Show: Treasures of the Past
Jan 30,2012

Dozens of European and American art and antiques dealers convened with their choicest wares on American University's Katzen Arts Center in January for the Washington Winter Show, now in its 58th year. This makes it the oldest continuously running antiques event in country, second only to the annual show in New York City.

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