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Kirsten Obadal

Kirsten Obadal

Kiki Obadal writes from Old Town Alexandria on a variety of lifestyle subjects in her column, "Meanderings". She has written for community media for several years, including the Old Town Crier and the Alexandria Times, and most recently for Local Kicks. On Local Kicks, watch for "Meanderings" and Kiki's articles about local leaders and events.

Articles By Kirsten Obadal

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Little Theater Resolves Mid-Life Crisis in The Allergist's Wife
Oct 26,2015

When you combine an intellectual middle-aged New York Jewish woman with a mid-life crisis, you get some very thoughtful script lines, not to mention some very funny comedy. The Little Theater of Alexandria opened on October 24 with The Allergist's Wife

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MUSIC: The Jonathan Parker Octet has Tentacles in the Jazzy Past
May 27,2015

Nerdy, yet uber-cool; a classically trained musician who likes to perform in a beer hall: Jazz saxophonist Jonathan Parker, 29, is a study in contrasts. He arrives for his interview with a latte in hand from Misha's Coffeehouse in his native Alexandria to discuss his new swing jazz album

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Striking a Deep Chord with Janet Langhart Cohen's 'Anne and Emmett'
May 19,2015

Racism was outlawed in this country 50 years ago with the Civil Rights Act, and yet: to forget would be to invite it back. So goes the exceedingly powerful message of Washington playwright Janet Langhart Cohen, who's crafted an exceptionally

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Boeing Boeing ready for takeoff at the Little Theatre of Alexandria
May 08,2014

1965 Paris is alive with romance, deceit, and comaraderie in Marc Camoletti's play, "Boeing Boeing." Our central figure, Bernard (Joshua Rich), is juggling three beautiful fiancees with the help of his old college friend, Robert Lambert (Patrick Doneghy) and his loyal maid Bertha (Margaret Bush)

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Ragtime: A New Century Changes Everything
Feb 14,2014

Half a century after the March on Washington and the Birmingham bombings, LTA's production of "Ragtime" might bring to mind the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. However, this play, which is based on E. L. Doctorow’s 1975 novel, depicts some of its catalysts after the turn of the century. Gears on the stage

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THEATRE BEAT/Little Theater presents Dial M for Murder
Feb 26,2013

It is next to impossible to say anything about the plot of Dial M for Murder without giving up too much, and ruining the play for potential theater-goers. In short, then, it is a murder mystery. We do know who the perpetrator is, and we are treated to a fine example of detective work as the police inspector unravels the clues that will lead him to the real killer.

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Men Boost Esteem by Stripping at the Little Theatre
Jan 17,2013

The Little Theater of Alexandria is certainly maintaining its standards with its latest production, The Full Monty, written by Terrence McNally. And, true to the script, the actors do take it all off at the culmination of the play. Don't be alarmed, this is tastefully accomplished

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THEATRE/Little Theatre haunts happy with Cantorial
Oct 30,2012

One would hardly expect a happy ghost story from the pen of Ira Levin, the very same playright who terrified us with Rosemary's Baby in the 70’s. Cantorial is a story of a happy haunting: a young couple, Warren Ives (James Myers) and Lesley Rosen (Heather Benjamin) have just moved into a converted

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