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Harry Covert

Harry Covert

Harry Covert is a veteran journalist and writer, broadcast and print. He writes from Alexandria. His columns appear in numerous newspapers and can be found at

Articles By Harry Covert

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May 06,2009

One of the most exciting days of the year for me has always been Election Day. This day not only has been the climax of political campaigning and campaigners but back in my young days it was somewhat of a social event, really a fun day.

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Poffenberger “Released” from Alexandria Jail
Mar 30,2009

After 23 years, John Poffenberger is getting out of jail. He got his first taste of jail life as a young Marine when he was assigned to Brig Duty at Great Lakes, Ill., in 1958. In reality, John Poffenberger is retiring as chaplain

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The Chief in Charge, Showing Great Restraint in Barricade Situation
Feb 16,2009

It always irks me to hear about hostage-takers and kidnappers. In my thought, these people are the worst of the worst. My instant reaction is to knock down the door and send in the sharpshooters and get it over with. I know that doesn’t sound very nice.

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THE COVERT LETTER / Inaugural’s Best Seat was in Alexandria
Jan 30,2009

I had the best seat in the house on Inauguration Day. I know lots of people who endured the cold weather, those who walked across the bridges to the Mall, those who just wanted to drink in the historic moment at the Capitol.

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The Remarkable Skeeter Swift
Jan 20,2009

They call him the "Sultan of Swish" in Tennessee. Growing up they called him "Skeeter." Today, he’s the "Legend" of Alexandria. He’s earned the titles.

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One of my favorite Alexandria judges
Jan 15,2009

One of my favorite Alexandria judges is retired General District Court Judge Daniel Fairfax O’Flaherty. Even though he’s been retired a long time, he presides regularly as a substitute. He’s a fixture and still has second-floor chambers in the Backus Courthouse on King Street. He’s a familiar face in surrounding jurisdictions, too.

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