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Jane Hess Collins

Jane Hess Collins

Jane Hess Collins is a managing partner of Get Out and Give Back, LLC, and an accredited life coach and member of the International Coaching Federation. She is also a television host for Fairfax Public Access and a freelance writer. Jane created the "Get Out and Give Back" newspaper column in January 2005 to inspire others to find their community service passion and make it an active part of their life.

Articles By Jane Hess Collins

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GET OUT AND GIVE BACK/It’s What You Get, not What You Give
Jun 09,2010

I took almost a year off from writing Get Out and Give Back after retiring from the United States Air Force to decide what I wanted my post-Air Force life to look like. And I realized that I missed writing for you. I missed the connection. I missed giving back. So here it is again. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it:

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GET OUT AND GIVE BACK/Creating a Legacy of Giving Back
Nov 23,2009

It's been a while since you've received "Get Out and Give Back" in your inbox or online. I’ve loved writing the column, and loved even more hearing how your stories have challenged and inspired you to 'Get Out and Give Back'. After taking a break from writing as I retired from my Air Force career

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GET OUT AND GIVE BACK / July, the Most Patriotic of Months
Jul 14,2009

July, I think, is our most patriotic month. Maybe it’s the explosion of fireworks on the fourth day, or that all of America turns red, white and blue, or that last weekend my husband and I were lucky enough to see Tiger Woods

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Get Out and Give Back/One Percent
Jun 25,2009

A long time ago my dad decided to give one percent of the gross sales from his lumberyard business to the poorest village in the western hemisphere. Through a little research he was partnered with a village outside Port-au-Prince, Haiti. For years he sent a check to a French nun down there and in time the village’s

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Get Out and Give Back/It Took a Village
Jun 15,2009

Earlier this month it was my honor to deliver the commencement address at my alma mater high school in Bellefontaine, Ohio. There’s always something safe about going home.

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Get Out and Give Back – Prom-ises
Apr 13,2009

One advantage of being an old bride is that you aren’t beholden to a fluffy white dress. So when I started the great wedding dress hunt two years ago, I had only three criteria: The cost wouldn’t require re-financing my house

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Get Out and Give Back/The “D” Word
Mar 18,2009

Fifteen years ago I survived a divorce. It was something that had to happen, and for two years my soul was dragged slowly across the jagged floor of hell. It felt like being pushed blindfolded off a high dive and not knowing whether there was water in the pool.

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Get Out and Give Back/ReStored
Feb 13,2009

Everyone loves a sale. But, rather than fighting through the clearance racks for winter markdowns, I volunteered the other day with ReStore, the resale outlet in Alexandria whose proceeds help fund local Habitat for Humanity projects.

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