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Jane Hess Collins

Jane Hess Collins

Jane Hess Collins is a managing partner of Get Out and Give Back, LLC, and an accredited life coach and member of the International Coaching Federation. She is also a television host for Fairfax Public Access and a freelance writer. Jane created the "Get Out and Give Back" newspaper column in January 2005 to inspire others to find their community service passion and make it an active part of their life.

Articles By Jane Hess Collins

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My Little Town
Oct 06,2010

Having grown up in a small town in Ohio, I couldn’t wait to live in the big city. When I moved to Old Town Alexandria, it was urban living at its best: Only six Yellow Line stops to the heart of Washington and just two stops to Ronald Reagan National Airport. Then, after spending nearly two months in the Italian village of Introdacqua, I suddenly longed to live in a small town again.

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The Italian Diet
Sep 29,2010

The best thing about Italian food is that you can eat all that you want, every single day, and still lose weight. At least, that’s what happened to my husband and me. For seven weeks we gorged on the P’s – pasta, pesto, parmesan, pizza – along with daily wine and gelato splurges, and still managed to lose five pounds. It could have been the 30-degree incline we walked from the piazza

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Venice Revisited
Sep 22,2010

The last time I was in Venice I was 22 years old. Never mind how long ago that was, but Reagan was President, Sperry Topsiders were in style for the first time and big hair and monster shoulder pads had not yet debuted on the runways. Aside from the Italian men wearing Speedos on Lido Beach, there’s not much I remember

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GET OUT AND GIVE BACK/Summer in Italy: Don't 'Contact' Me
Sep 15,2010

It took a trip to Italy to realize the value of human connection. Generally speaking, Italians are very family-focused, and over the course of our time there it gave me a chance to think about how I do business – both literally and figuratively – and the value of relationships in that context. A few years ago, a friend advised me to attend some professional

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Aug 10,2010

The older I get, the more I spend money in places where the staff is nice to me. Maybe it’s because I’m not living hand-to-mouth like I did when I just got out of college, maybe it’s because I’m getting needier as I get older, or maybe it’s because I’ve been listening to Andy Rooney too much at the end of “60 Minutes.” The most recent example of that occurred

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Aug 04,2010

When I decided to be more conscious about how and where to donate time and money, I had no idea that the decision process would be so much like dating. With so many nonprofits in existence, and all of them in need, how do you find Mr. or Ms. Right? As I began the selection process I learned what was important to me.

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Jul 28,2010

When my nephew planned to visit us in Alexandria over spring break, I panicked. How do you entertain a 16-year-old boy for four days? I thought he might like the play Shear Madness at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, a witty comedy with lots of audience participation. I logged onto the Kennedy Center’s Web site and scanned the available seats.

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GET OUT AND GIVE BACK/Food for Thought
Jul 21,2010

I love to eat. In fact, I’ll eat just because I’m happy, sad, nervous, relaxed, angry, stressed or excited. Sometimes I’ll even eat when I’m not even hungry if there’s food is in front of me. And so it was quite the scary experience for me recently when, aside from half of a chicken sandwich and an apple, I was unable to eat for 36 hours. Through a combination of bad luck and bad timing

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