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Jane Hess Collins

Jane Hess Collins

Jane Hess Collins is a managing partner of Get Out and Give Back, LLC, and an accredited life coach and member of the International Coaching Federation. She is also a television host for Fairfax Public Access and a freelance writer. Jane created the "Get Out and Give Back" newspaper column in January 2005 to inspire others to find their community service passion and make it an active part of their life.

Articles By Jane Hess Collins

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Alexandria Ranks # 1 for Online Giving
Apr 27,2011

There’s so much to love about Alexandria-the history, waterfront, restaurants, and the wonderful, giving people. And that’s not just empty hyperbole. Convio, who tracks online giving, has ranked Alexandrians as the most generous online-giving city in the country for the last three years.

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Apr 13,2011

In the last three days I’ve helped homeless men write resumes, listened to immigrants proudly share their face-to-face meetings with the mayor, updated a non profit’s Facebook page and unsuccessfully tried to shove a too-big couch into the too-small apartment of a low-income family. Why all the activity? In short, engage your community!

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Mar 23,2011

I was really looking forward sleeping on the floor of a church in Alexandria last Wednesday night. That church serves as an overflow hypothermia shelter, and husband and I had volunteered, for the second year, to spend the night there. Instead, we had to sleep in our bed at home. When we volunteered for this last year

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GET OUT AND GIVE BACK/ Patience, Please...
Feb 02,2011

I’m sitting on the floor of my master bathroom right now in Old Town, barricaded inside with two terrified cats. Outside and throughout the rest of the house, five men are replacing the windows. It’s going to be a very long day. The bathroom floor is cold and I really want to leave, but my kitties

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GET OUT AND GIVE BACK/ In the Bag, the Chanel handbag
Dec 16,2010

My secret guilty pleasure, aside from watching “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” is to own a Chanel handbag. It will be big, bright red and have those quilted, interlocking C’s. Every once in awhile I see one at a boutique. I slip it on my shoulder when the clerk isn’t looking and admire myself in the mirror, wondering if I’m wearing

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GET OUT AND GIVE BACK/Mayor Euille: Get Fit, Alexandria!
Nov 30,2010

Jerry Hill accomplished the impossible last Wednesday during Mayor Bill Euille’s Unity Breakfast at the Hilton Mark Center. He made me want to exercise. Every lunge, barbell and spinning class for me is solely a means to stay in my skinny jeans, but Hill made exercise fun again. The breakfast, first initiated by the newly-elected Mayor Euille

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GET OUT AND GIVE BACK/Tis the Season for Giving
Nov 19,2010

Giving is down in both time and money, and need is up. That’s what several philanthropy studies are reporting, and given some of the depressing economic news, it’s not a huge surprise. Many charities, understandably, have stepped up their efforts to ask you to donate more of your time or dollars with them, and even the toughest of us have a hard time

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Oct 13,2010

My niece Sarah is a blue-eyed blond, 20 years old and works as a waitress in a steakhouse during her college summer breaks. She comes from a good family, was a high school honors student and has worked since she was 16 years old. Now a sophomore at the University of Toledo, she gets up every morning committed to her goals of keeping up her grades, community service work

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