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Zookeepers hope Sparky, a 260-pound Sumatran tiger, breeds with female - Source Washington post

Posted on Aug 24,2016
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Sparky, a male Sumatran tiger, shown at the National Zoo. Keepers hope to
breed him with a female at the zoo and that the pair will produce cubs.
(Courtesy of the National Zoo)

Source Washington post

By Dana Hedgpeth

WASHINGTON, DC. - Keepers at the National Zoo are hoping that the newest bachelor at the facility, a Sumatran tiger named Sparky, takes a liking to bachelorette Damai.

If all goes well, zookeepers said, the two will breed and produce cubs. But breeding tigers is risky; males have killed females in other zoos if it isn’t a good match.

Native to Indonesia, Sumatran tigers are listed as critically endangered, with only 300 to 400 left in the wild and 78 in accredited zoos in North America.

Sparky, 12, and Damai, 7, were matched under an extensive species survival plan, zookeepers said. It was recommended that Sparky be bred with Damai based on their genetics.

Source Washington post

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