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Want to Adopt a Pet? Try Fostering First. - Source Washingtonian

Posted on Apr 25,2017
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Illustrations by Britt Spencer

Source Washingtonian

By Debra Bruno

WASHINGTON, DC. - It’s cherry-blossom season, baseball season—and also stray season.

Most local animal groups don’t have large-enough shelters—or any shelter at all—so they depend on a network of private foster homes to take in abandoned pets until adopters are found. At no point is the demand higher than right now. Most kittens are born in spring, and as the weather gets nicer, more people find lost or stray animals and bring them to rescues.

Jane Hamann and Jason Dean, a couple in Alexandria, have temporarily cared for 77 cats and nine dogs in the past two years, most through Homeward Trails Animal Rescue. One cat, while isolated overnight in a bathroom, managed to turn on a faucet for a slow-draining sink and to flood the entire upstairs, causing $15,000 worth of damage. Even that didn’t deter the couple, both retired military. They say they foster because they find deep satisfaction in showing previously unloved animals that people can be nurturing and trustworthy.

Somehow, their house is spotless, even though it’s set up for the animal kingdom: Craftsman-style wooden gates keep their two resident Pomeranians out of some areas. There are cat trees in the family room, scratching posts and a water fountain in the kitchen, and an entire basement of crates, litter boxes, more climbing devices, and a rainbow of toys.

Source Washingtonian

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