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Virginia veteran fighting for his dog's life

Posted on Apr 15,2016
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Thor, the 1-year-old Alaskan Malamute

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - A former Marine suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is now fighting for his dog's life. He claims King George County Animal Control wants to put his pup down after it allegedly killed a nearby farmer's chickens and attacked his cow.

Tyler Kelly planned to make Thor his emotional support dog. He wants to be able to take him everywhere so he can better combat his illnesses.

In addition to PTSD, Kelly has Bi-Polar Disorder and a kidney disease — all discovered while he was training for the Marines in boot camp in 2013. He said Thor’s comfort is unmatched.

“He's the only one that's been there when nobody [else] was,” Kelly said. “Every night that I have my hard nights, hard times, he's right there, by my side.”

Thor is a 1-year-old Alaskan Malamute and Husky mix. He's more than a best friend for Kelly, acting as a quasi-therapy dog, sensing when Kelly is having a tough time and putting his head in his lap. And Thor helps Kelly get out. The two play fetch in the neighboring fields.

“If they do put him down, they're going to be killing a part of me too,” Kelly said.

It was across those fields at a neighboring farm where Kelly said King George County Animal Control claims Thor was on the loose, killing chickens and attacking a baby cow.

"I get a call the other day saying the only option I have is to put him down,” Kelly said. “I don't think that's very fair." Kelly thinks Thor was only trying to play.

"That dog would never hurt a fly,” Kelly said. “I've taken him all kinds of places. He's been around so many dogs, cats, people, kids."

Kelly said his dog’s fate is in the hands of King George County Animal Control. They would not comment on the case because of the ongoing investigation.

Source Wusa9

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