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Potomac: Family Raises Service Dog - Source Connection news papers

Posted on Aug 18,2016
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Sam Geier, 12, had a service project to do which led to Canine Companions for Independence. Photo Contributed

Source Connection news papers

By Ashley Claire Simpson

POTOMAC - As the Geier family of five moves from Potomac to Greensboro, N.C. this month, they are bringing one element of home with them: Pandy, the dog they are raising with Canine Companions for Independence (CCI), a nonprofit organization that provides service dogs for free to people with a broad spectrum of disabilities.

Pandy is a puppy that the Geiers took on in February of this year, when she was just eight weeks old. The longtime Potomac residents will have Pandy, and keep up with her training schedule, until November of next year, when CCI will take her back in for the final steps toward becoming an official assistant dog for a forever owner.

“I was looking for a service project for my son,” Tammie Geier said, of how she found out about CCI and its mission to provide a prepared, caring canine companion to as many disabled people as they can — from wounded veterans to people battling neurological conditions. “We needed to find something both for his school and for his Bar Mitzvah project. My son really wanted to do something with animals, while my husband wanted him to take on a project that dealt more with people. When I saw the puppy raiser project in my Internet search, it seemed like it would meet both criteria and would work well for our family.”

The Geiers also have traditional pets, who have welcomed Pandy — a black Labrador and golden retriever mix — into the family home without any issues. Aside from her 12-year-old son, she has a younger daughter and another younger son, as well, who have all happily accommodated a service-dog-in-training. The Geiers’ seven-year-old Australian Shepherd and Pandy have also become fast friends.

Source Connection news papers

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