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PETA is Using DC Sidewalks to Warn Against Walking Your Dog in the Middle of a Hot Day - Source Washingtonian

Posted on Aug 03,2017
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New sidewalk decals from PETA around DC warn against walking your dog in hot weather. Photo courtesy of PETA.

Source Washingtonian

By Erica Sloan

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals want dog owners to stop taking their furry friends for walks on hot summer days—at least during the hours when it’s hottest and brightest. The organization last week installed decals on sidewalks throughout DC that advise dog owners to wait until it cools off a bit before going for that stroll.

The notices read “Hot Dogs Can Burn Dogs’ Feet” alongside a picture of a dog wearing bandages over his paws. Additional text suggests avoiding a walk in the sun altogether or bringing your dog wherever they’ll be able to walk on grass, instead of concrete or asphalt—both of which on a 90-degree day can heat up to 140 degrees. “That’s hotter than what you’d need to boil an egg in five minutes,” says PETA spokeswoman Andrea Adelman, “and can cause blisters and even permanent burns on your dog’s paws in as little as ten seconds.”

Source Washingtonian

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