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Pet Connection Chantilly: Susie the Dog…A Very Smart Dog - Source Connection news papers

Posted on Mar 01,2018
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Rebecca Dodge's 1st Grade Class with Susie. Photo contributed

Source Connection news papers

By Rebecca Dodge, Brookfield Elementary

As I’ve taught my kindergarten and first grade classes through the years, I’ve always told them about Susie the dog.

I’ve told them she is a very smart dog. When I am gone during the day, she sits and blogs on her laptop…much like the dog on the kids’ TV show, “Dog with a Blog.” She often has a cup of tea and reads. That’s how I “convince” them I will have no problem teaching them to read if I can teach a dog to read! They always ask me if she can “really” talk. I always say … Yes! It’s a fun gag we all enjoy! Parents and students alike know and love “Susie the dog.”

Every Spring I bring her to meet the students. When they ask if she will talk or read while she is here, I always say “Absolutely not!” Do you think I would risk someone hearing her and risk her moving to Hollywood and away from me?

Source Connection news papers

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