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Munchkin Is the Cutest Dog in DC - Source Washingtonian

Posted on Jan 04,2017
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Source Washingtonian

By Washingtonian Staff

The winner of Washingtonian‘s 2016 Cutest Dog Competition is…Munchkin! A panel of independent judges selected Munchkin from the Top 10 vote-getters in the contest. Munchkin isn’t just cute, he’s a hero, as indicated by his photo AND his bio:

This is Munchkin, my 14 yr old Beagle Rescue. I’ve had him now for 7 yrs. He serves as the Ambassador for the Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland and does public appearances to help raise funds. He has his own Twitter and Facebook page. He only has two teeth that’s why his tongue permanently hangs out. He is currently facing his biggest challenge, lymphoma cancer. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy and plans to beat cancer. He is my best friend, my son and my super hero! Arrroooooooo

Source Washingtonian

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