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Marymount Professor Studies PTSD In Dogs Used In Lab Experiments - Source Alexandria news

Posted on Jan 10,2017
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Dr. Stacy Lopresti-Goodman with Belle, a dog rescued by the Beagle
Freedom Project. (courtesy photo)

Source Alexandria news

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - While Dr. Stacy Lopresti-Goodman doesn't hear directly from the victims of post-traumatic stress disorder that she observed for a week in November, their friends often send her pictures of them snuggling, playing, or just lounging outside, enjoying the fresh air and California sunshine. The trip was part of Lopresti-Goodman’s investigation of PTSD symptoms in dogs used in biomedical research.

The dogs' current circumstances are quite a change from the lives they led before being rescued by Beagle Freedom Project, a Los Angeles-based organization that finds adoptive homes for dogs rescued or retired from biomedical research laboratories. The group also promotes state legislation that would require labs to adopt out dogs instead of euthanizing them when experiments are complete.
“One of the most moving aspects of my research is speaking with the individuals who have opened up their hearts and homes to these dogs,” said Lopresti-Goodman, a Marymount University associate professor of psychology. “The families’ love for their dogs, and stories about physical and psychological scars they still harbor, have moved me to tears.”

Source Alexandria news

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