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Helping adopted pets transition to their new home - Source Alextimes

Posted on Jun 20,2018
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Patience is key to helping a new pet settle in their new home. Play time and cuddle time are powerful ways to bond with your pet, however, if they are not in the mood — or if they're still shy — give them something to do on their own, such as a toy. (file photo)

Source Alextimes

By Kim Gilliam

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - June is a popular month for pet adoption. People looking for a new canine companion realize that this is a great time of year to find someone to enjoy the great outdoors with. It is also the height of “kitten season” when shelters are teeming with kitties of all shapes, sizes and colors.

Any pet, regardless of age, breed or circumstance, will experience a period of adjustment as they settle into their new home. Here are some ways you can help.

Take it slow

Even the most outgoing of animals will be shy in a new place. It’s normal for your new kitty or pup to seem skittish and scared. Don’t rush it. Spend one-on-one time letting them get to know you, other family members and their surroundings as they explore the home at their own pace. Try not to over-stimulate them during the first few days; if they come up to you for attention, by all means, be as affectionate as they seem comfortable with.

However, don’t let them practice any bad habits. You need to set the house rules from day one and reward good behaviors with praise or treats. Just remember to keep things calm and positive.

Give them space

While it’s tempting to smother your furry companion with love, it’s important to give them independence. Make them as comfortable as possible by setting up a bed or safe spot where they can retreat when tired or stressed. Spend time learning to read their body language. Wheth- er they’re excited or scared, unsure or playful, there is huge value to tuning into your pet’s reactions to different situations.

Source Alextimes

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