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Health Department Endorses Dogs on Restaurant Patios, But Staff Better Clean Up That Poop - Source Washingtonian

Posted on Nov 30,2017
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AndyPants is the bar dog at the Midlands. Photo by Jessica Sidman.

Source Washingtonian


WASHINGTON, DC. - The DC Council is moving forward with permanent legislation to allow dogs on restaurant and bar patios, and the health department gave its blessing in a public hearing Tuesday.

Emergency legislation reversing the ban on pups in outdoor dining areas for 60 days was introduced in October. It came after a health department crackdown drew outrage from pet owners.

The new law would allow business owners to choose whether they want to allow dogs (on leashes) at their establishments. They can also set restrictions based on the dogs’ size or temperaments. The DC Department of Health provided additional recommendations: Namely, patrons should be responsible for bringing their own waste bags, but restaurant staff better make sure there’s no poop still on the ground after pet owners clean up.

Source Washingtonian

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