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Fur-friendly Fun at Reston Town Center - Source Connection news papers

Posted on May 16,2017
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Kate Drosos, 7, and her sister Sophia, 5, exchange lov'n with Wilbur the Chihuahua, available for adoption from DC PAWS Rescue. Earlier in the day, the girls’ mother was overheard saying, "Maybe we will take a dog home today."

Source Connection news papers

By Mercia Hobson

RESTON - For dog and cat lovers of all ages, nothing much could have topped the 17th Annual Pet Fiesta held Saturday, May 6, at Reston Town Center. The outdoor festival featured commercial and nonprofit pet businesses, demonstrations and animals everywhere, in puppy playpens, on leashes, even pulling carts. For people looking for a special furry friend to meet and possibly offer it a forever home, Pet Fiesta was the place to be.

Reston Town Center, Hope Advanced Veterinary Center in Vienna and NOVADog magazine presented the event which benefited, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating potential dog owners about dog care and selection and providing support to dog rescue organizations.

One of the newest nonprofit animal rescue leagues present at Pet Fiesta was New Love Animal Rescue.Rani Hart, Executive Director, said the organization is dedicated to saving animals in need regardless of the breed.Hart said, "Since our start in 2015, we have saved over 200 animals, many requiring medical assistance." She went on to say that the organization's tagline is"Give a Life of New Love to a Rescue Dog."

Source Connection news papers

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