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From The Dog's Paw - Exercising and pups - Source Fairfax times

Posted on Feb 08,2017
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Source Fairfax times

By Noah Special to the Fairfax County Times

FAIRFX - I love the New Year. It always brings out the humor in me when I am walking my human. There are more humans on the trails right after the New Year than I will see for the rest of the year. Seems they start working out after eating humongous amounts of food during the holidays and suddenly realize it’s showing where they probably do not want it to show.

I read all these stories about exercising your dog to keep the weight down so the dog will be happier and healthier. Have humans taken a good look at themselves? BARKS!! My human has this flub of blubber around his midsection that he calls love handles but …. Well, I digress. He needs to get out and exercise every day with me. If he did, he would have the lean, slick, muscular physique that I have. And, he too, would have the beautiful Rottweiler chasing his handsome self too! WOOF!!!

A pawsome way to get into the habit of exercising is adopting a dog which will participate in it with you. Barkingly, the dog will be a good reminder to go for a walk, hike, or a run, helping the human to do it too. I have often brought my human’s shoes to him as a subtle reminder to get going! WOOF!

Source Fairfax times

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