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Dogs Deserve Better: Andy's Long Journey Home - Source Patch

Posted on Mar 23,2016
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Source Patch

By Rescued

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - Andy was first rescued as a young puppy when the home he was living in was raided as part of a dogfighting bust. Officers discovered Andy and several other dogs chained on the property and took them into custody. Andy was too young to fight, so he escaped a life of violence, but he had been raised in isolation, separated from his mother too soon, and never had love of a family or the security of home.

Animal Control released Andy to the local shelter where he spent many months as his case worked through the system, but like most pit bulls in shelters, he stood little chance of ever being adopted. When his time ran out at the shelter, the staff put a plea out to the community to help, and he was taken in by Martha, a Good Samaritan who had set up a boarding area in her barn for dogs who were out of options. Martha gave Andy a comfy bed, toys to play with, and kept him safe for almost a year until she was struck with a sudden illness and could no longer care for him. Her dying wish was for Andy to find a loving home, and Dogs Deserve Better was called into help.

Source Patch

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