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DC Eagle Cam's Adorable Baby Eaglets Need Names

Posted on Apr 14,2017
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By Cameron Luttrell

WASHINGTON, DC - For the past two weeks, two fuzzy little eaglets have spent their days sitting high on top of a Tulip Poplar Tree at the U.S. National Arboretum, eating fresh fish from the Anacostia River and snuggling with their parents. These adorable babies have been referred to as DC4 and DC5 since they hatched, but it's finally time to give them proper names.

Millions of people watched the babies hatch live on the DC Eagle Cam in March, so the AEF (American Eagle Foundation) wants to include the public on picking two special names. The AEF is looking for two names for the eaglets that are as symbolic as their parents — Mr. President and The First Lady.

Those wishing to participate in the #NameTheNestlings social media campaign can do so between April 12-18. Social media users can go on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to post their name suggestions.

Make sure to tag the post with the following hashtags: #NameTheNestlings and #DCEagleCam. Don't forget to double check that your profiles are set to public visibility so AEF volunteers can see your name suggestions.

For non-social media users or private social media users, see how you can participate in the naming contest here.

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