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Can pets have OCD? - Source Sheknows

Posted on Nov 02,2012
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Source Sheknows

ALEXANDRIA, VA. – What causes CCD?

While CCD can't be narrowed down to a single cause, there are common variables seen in medically diagnosed dogs. Oftentimes, CCD can be credited to unpleasant life experiences, including abuse, neglect or exposure to high-stress environments. Lack of mental stimulation can also lead to obsessive tendencies. Environment and lifestyle are typically common causes for erratic behaviors. However, more studies now also attribute certain behavioral patterns to ancestral causes that may be passed down from previous generations. For CCD cases shown at later stages in life, obsessive behaviors tend to be caused by to lack of sensory functions, such as impaired vision or decreased hearing capabilities that can result in heightened anxiety and stress.

Common CCD behaviors

By definition, CCD is recognized as a dangerous medical condition in which a dog engages in normal canine activities in an abnormally repetitive, frantic and self-destructive manner. This means any form of regular activity that is performed out of context and to an incessant degree.

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