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Adoptable Pet In Alexandria: Dog Saved From Meat Farm - Source Patch

Posted on Feb 01,2018
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Image via Animal Welfare League of Alexandria

Source Patch

By Emily Leayman

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - If you're ready to welcome a new member of the family, start your search at the local animal shelter. The Animal Welfare League of Alexandria provides shelter to pets in need and finds new homes for them.

One of these dogs is Tulip, a sweet lab mix rescued from a meat farm in South Korea. Luckily, that meat farm is now closed, and Tulip is doing better than ever looking for her forever home in Alexandria.

Here's a description of Tulip from AWLA:

Tulip was rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea in 2016, thanks to Humane Society International. (Fortunately, this dog meat farm has since closed and been converted into a vegetable and chili farm!) Tulip is loving life in Virginia! While she is still learning to trust, she is blossoming into a smart playful pup. Tulip loves lots of walks and relaxing in her dog bed while watching Netflix. The key to her heart is hotdogs and sweet potatoes with lots of ear scratches. For a hotdog chunk, Tulip is happy to show off her "sit" and give you a smile.

Source Patch

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