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We Asked Pat Collins How He Got the Idea for the Snow Measuring Stick - Source Washingtonian

Posted on Feb 13,2019
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Photograph of Collins Courtesy of NBC Universal.

Source Washingtonian


WASHINGTON, DC. - It’s not a real storm if Channel 4’s Pat Collins isn’t outside measuring the drifts with a yardstick.

Do you actually like snow?
I like big snow, what I call stick-worthy snow—five inches or more. A really big snow gives us a whole different perspective on the ordinary things we see and hear in our everyday life. It muffles sound and creates a sense of outdoor beauty. Put down the iPhone, walk away from the computer, get outside, and enjoy the day.

How did you become a snow reporter?
Back in the ’80s, I realized there was sometimes a great disparity in the amount of snow from one neighborhood to another. I started going from place to place taking measurements and talking to people about how the snow was impacting their lives. I grabbed a yardstick from my daughter Salley, a four-sided stick from the C&P phone company—ask your grandparents to explain that.

Then came Snowmageddon back in 2010, about 17 inches of snow in two days. I was out live for hours and hours, measuring every inch as it came down.

Didn’t you spend a lot of that day at a gas station?
Why there? Well, that’s where they repair our live trucks. We had a truck there with a broken water pump, but the live part worked. Connecticut Avenue turned into a snow-covered boulevard. People out and about for all sorts of reasons.

Brenda with flesh-colored leggings and a stylish mink hat—she said she got it from one of her ex-husbands—out in the snow looking for a cup of coffee. Really, where do you expect to get coffee in the middle of a blizzard? The Exxon station, she said.

I asked one lady: “What brings you out in the snow?” “I’m going to the Giant up in Friendship Heights,” she told me. Why? “I have a coupon for a free deli sandwich.” Two hours later, I see her walking back; she says she got lost and disoriented. I said, “Let me see that sandwich.” Yikes—it looked like a biology experiment.

Source Washingtonian

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