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Trump's Visits to Virginia Golf Course Could Close a Stretch of the Potomac to Boaters - Source Washingtonian

Posted on Jul 18,2017
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Source Washingtonian

By Benjamin Freed

WASHINGTON, DC. - Boaters who enjoy paddling their canoes and kayaks in the Potomac River about 26 miles upriver from Washington are facing a new hazard on the water: the closure of a 1.6-mile stretch of the river whenever President Trump visits his golf course in Sterling, Virginia. The closures, as specified in a regulation proposed by the US Coast Guard, would cut off access to leisure-seekers, campers, and whitewater kayak teams, imperiling numerous small businesses that operate along the shorelines, river enthusiasts say.

The Coast Guard’s regulation, which has been implemented on an interim basis, calls for closing the entire width of the Potomac in the designated security zone whenever Trump or other “high-ranking United States officials” are nearby. On the Virginia side, most of that span is covered by the Trump National Golf Club. But the Maryland side includes many boat launches and other vendors that service people looking to get on the water, like Calleva, an outfitter that runs large summer-camp programs. Under the Coast Guard’s rule, this would cut off entry points like Violette’s Lock and Riley’s Lock and make it impossible for boaters to reach points like Seneca Breaks, a popular whitewater spot used by competitive kayakers, including some who train for the US Olympic team.

Source Washingtonian

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