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This Virginia Accent Was Named Among The Sexiest In The U.S. - Source Patch

Posted on May 16,2019
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Virginia claims the 19th sexiest accent in the U.S., according to a new ranking. (Shutterstock)
Source Patch

Source Patch

By Emily Leayman

Modern-day Virginia could be considered a melting pot of accents, especially given Northern Virginia's proximity to the nation's capital. But home to a sexy accent? A new ranking lists the Virginia Piedmont accent as the 19th sexiest accent in America.

That's classified as "semi-sexy," according to the ranking by The site came up with this result after polling its 1.5 million social media followers.

So what exactly is the Virginia Piedmont accent? It's one of the easily recognizable southern drawls, according to a BBC America feature. People with this accent will pronounce "car" without the r or "four dogs" as "fo-uh dahawgs." The Virginia Piedmont is considered the central region between the Blue Ridge mountains and coastal plains, running from the north to south points of the state. You'd have to venture outside of the DC region to hear it more commonly.

Source Patch

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