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THE COVERT LETTER/The Worldwide Breeding of Terrorists

Harry Covert
By Harry Covert
Posted on Aug 05,2013
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ALEXANDRIA, VA. - Those who dare call attention to or to comment about the increasing Muslim influence throughout the 50 states must take great precaution in their words.

While the citizenry is lulled with the matters of immigration and the continual invasion from south of the border by those called undocumented, the other major concern are those of Arabic cultures. Don’t be misled. Many of these “newcomers” favor the Muslim religion’s demands for Shari’a law.

It must be pointed out here that Shari’a is the religious law of Islam.

There is no distinction between life and religion in Islamic teaching. This influence in American life should not be taken lightly.

Those of traditional Christian teachings are more often than not forgiving people. Too many times the willingness to forgive enemies in practical experience ignores secular dangers.

Not all Moslems are bad people but the teachings are simple — non Moslems are vociferously called infidels. As such they are lower than a snake’s belly.

The Muslim Brotherhood is dangerous and is known for breeding terrorists world wide.

It was during a humanitarian visit to the Sudan in the mid- 80s this correspondent discovered a meanness and vitriolic dislike for Americans.

A Khartoum government-approved food distribution ran into trouble. More than 500 mothers with babies (by actual account) were lined up to receive boxes of food that included hygenic products and assorted things like aspirins and bandages. They had enough food for several weeks.

As the people lined up, a Brotherhood gang of seven, armed with swinging belts and broom handles, started attacking the hungry people. “Don’t take any food from those people,” they yelled and screamed in Arabic.

Several Khartoum police finally chased the bullies away but not before many of the recipients were clubbed and bleeding. The first-aid kits in the parcels were put to good use that hot July afternoon.

The “invasion” has been steady. It is evident that the 9/11 attack and other such events are danger signs. The Boston Marathon debacle of late is another matter of serious consequences.

Bringing the Islamic culture to the American society must be viewed carefully. It’s important to forgive but never forget.

Shari’a isn’t to be messed with. “Legal” beatings and public executions are regular events in places like Saudi Arabia. Remember the Afghanistan woman executed in the public stadium? The Brotherhood grabbed her, buried her up to her neck and then whacked off her head. CBS news cameras recorded this.

Her crime was adultery. Her male partner wasn’t effected.

Several years ago police were called by neighbors to an upscale Virginia neighborhood. An Arab wife had been smacked, bruised severely and seriously hurt.

The husband was arrested. The wife had corrected their three-year-old son, facing his high-chair to a corner. When the husband came home he exploded in anger. “In my country we punish the wives,” he told a judge.

“In this state that’s against the law,” said the judge. The husband was held without bond and later sentenced to 12 months in jail. He served every day.

Again in Khartoum a visitor ordered a Coke. No such soft drink could be found. The reason? The Coca Cola Company bottled their product in Israel.

On another occasion an American relief worker arrived on a late night flight from Frankfort, Germany. En route to a hotel, the car was forced to stop at checkpoints on almost every street and drove without benefit of his headlights.

Why no illumination?

“I’m saving the battery,” the driver explained.

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