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Restonians Organize Against Paid Parking At Town Center - Source Connection news papers

Posted on Mar 01,2017
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Aaron Gordon of Gordon Food Group and the proprietor of the Red Velvet Cupcakery on Democracy Drive, is one of the merchants who is leading the charge against Boston Properties. He encouraged all the merchants to display this red sign in their windows, which says, “Paid Parking Problem: Merchants of RTC apologize for the inconvenience the new paid parking system has created.” Photo by Fallon Forbush.

Source Connection news papers

By Fallon Forbush

RESTON, VA. - Restonians are revolting against paid parking at Reston Town Center.

Boston Properties, which owns and manages the buildings in the town center, implemented the pay-to-park system on Jan. 3. After a month, merchants organized on Monday, Feb. 6, at the center’s Vapiano restaurant to discuss possible actions they could take against Boston Properties, including legal actions.

“Unfortunately, many of the most vocal people who are speaking out and speaking to the media representing Reston Town Center retailers, many of them are employees rather than owners,” said Kathy Walsh, a spokesperson for Boston Properties. “Boston Properties has had a number of discussions with owners and senior managers who actually have indicated they do not share their employees’ views or approve of their behavior in response to paid parking.”

There were many owners and managers at the meeting at Vapiano.

“This paid parking situation is killing us,” Aaron Gordon of Gordon Food Group and the proprietor of the Red Velvet Cupcakery in the town center, said during the meeting. “It’s hurting our reputation and hurting the reputation of the town center as a whole.”

Source Connection news papers

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