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Our View: For parking, like medicine, the first rule is 'do no harm' - Source Alextimes

Posted on Nov 01,2017
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Source Alextimes

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - Residents should pay attention as city council prepares to vote later this year to reduce the amount of parking required for new development within Alexandria.

A reduction in required parking will affect the city’s livability, particularly in Del Ray.

Several aspects of this endeavor strike us as flawed and illogical, such as:

– City staff and task force members cite the fact that Alexandria’s parking requirements haven’t changed since 1963 as a reason to reduce them dramatically. An almost 55-year gap in parking adjustments proves – what, exactly? That everything old needs to be tossed for the sake of change?

Strikingly, there were almost four times as many registered vehicles in Virginia in 2010 as there were in 1963: 6,148,794 in 2010 compared with 1,646,088 in 1963, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce and U.S. Department of Transportation. That would seem to argue for a significant increase in required parking, not a decrease.

– The fact that all requested parking waivers have been granted for the past few years has also been cited as justification out-of-hand for an overall reduction in required parking. It can be just as easily argued that the city’s existing requirements should not have been bypassed and individual waivers should not have been granted.

Source Alextimes

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