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On-Time Graduation Data Released: How Alexandria Did

Posted on Oct 11,2019
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The Virginia Department of Education's 2018-19 data shows challenges for T.C. Williams with on-time graduations. (Shutterstock)
Source Patch

By Emily Leayman

T.C. Williams High School faces challenges with on-time graduation rates despite a few bright spots, according to data released by the Virginia Department of Education Tuesday.

The school's on-time graduation rate for the 2018-2019 school year was 83.5 percent, an improvement from 80.6 percent the year before. By comparison, Virginia overall had 91.5 percent.

The school faces disparities among certain subgroups of students. Economically disadvantaged students had an 79.4 percent on-time graduation rate, compared to 87.2 percent for the state. The 68.5 percent of English language learners graduating on time was slightly lower than the state's 71.1 percent. On the other hand, students with disabilities had a 96.1 percent on-time graduation rate, well above the state's 88.5 percent average.

Source Patch

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