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New Report Reveals Northern Virginia's Uneven Opportunity Landscape - Source Alexandria news

Posted on Nov 30,2017
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Getting Ahead: The Uneven Opportunity Landscape In
Northern Virginia

Source Alexandria news

When it comes to providing opportunities for social and economic mobility, Northern Virginia is a region of stark contrasts, with communities of great affluence virtually adjacent to highly disadvantaged neighborhoods where residents struggle to get ahead. A new report by the Center on Society and Health at Virginia Commonwealth University, commissioned by the Northern Virginia Health Foundation, found 15 “islands of disadvantage” where people face multiple, serious challenges, interspersed among the region’s wealthy communities.

The report is the first of its kind in Northern Virginia to delve deeply—at the census tract level—into a wide range of social and economic factors that shape residents’ health and their opportunities to thrive. State vital statistics show that the estimated life expectancy of newborns in Northern Virginia can vary by as much as 18 years, depending on the census tract in which a child is born. Although the quality of life in Northern Virginia is generally good, the report shows that the opportunity landscape to “get ahead” varies dramatically across the region and even more distinctly across small geographic areas.

Source Alexandria news

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