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Move over Groupon: Straight is open for business

Kirsten Obadal
By Kirsten Obadal
Posted on Aug 07,2012
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Courtesy photo<br /><br />Former Marine officer David Johnson is the founder of<br />
Courtesy photo
Former Navy officer David Johnson is the founder of

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - Straight founder David Johnson of Alexandria has improved on the popular Groupon concept with his new website:

A former Navy officer, Johnson considered several business ventures after leaving the service. David Johnson is a person of varied interests. A former naval officer and corporate executive, David enjoys city life, going to lesser-traveled parts of the world, exploring ancient civilizations, talking about his beloved Hawaii, and working on his son's fastball.

Possessing a strong passion for solving problems, David loves developing creative and innovative technologies that fill everyday needs.

courtesy photo<br /><br />
courtesy photo
"I hoped to improve on the GroupOn idea,"
Johnson said.

He chose the website deals concept because of his commitment to building local businesses in the DC and Northern Virginia area.  

“I hoped to improve on the Groupon idea,” Johnson said.  “My concept used an ecosystem model, where people can get multiple deals for businesses that are located in the same geographical area, and close to where they live.”

Anybody who lived in the DC Metro area knows that the cost of gasoline, and the time involved, to get to the merchants they need can considerably add to the cost of getting that service.  Straight offer has deals from merchants located in DC, and in Northern Virginia areas such as Crystal City, Old Town Alexandria, and Woodbridge, to name a few.

On, a user can purchase a deal at up to a 50% discount from walk-in service.  In making a purchase, they can also benefit from the deal of the week, which will be at a merchant situated close to the one they have selected.  With a purchase of $50 or more, people will receive a $5 Starbucks card—and there is a Starbucks at nearly every mall where customers will go for their services.

Johnson launched the site in January of this year and nearly 50 businesses have begun to use the site.  The site gets a nominal commission for each purchase that is made.  

Businesses and visitors to the site do not need to pay or subscribe for using the site.  Straight Offer currently offers discounts in several service areas, including but not limited to beauty, yoga, home and garden, automotive, and restaurants.

An example of one steep discount is a $45 hair treatment at Salon Prive, normally valued at $95.  Weekly deals-within-deals make this even sweeter.  

Who can resist a money-saving deal, close to home?

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