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Major money needed to make room for student growth in Fairfax Co.

Posted on Dec 27,2019
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The Fairfax County School District’s Capital Improvement Plan calls for a 5-year, almost $1.1 billion cash flow to cover a long list of projects.
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By Michelle Murillo

FAIRFAX, VA. - Fairfax County Public Schools have big capital improvement plans: Billion dollar big.

Last week, the school system’s Capital Improvement Program was released, calling for a five-year, nearly $1.1 billion cash flow to cover a long list of projects. It also looked further out to a 10-year plan, with a price tag of $2.1 billion, to keep up with student growth in the county.

“Student membership has increased by 992 students from last year to this year. The highest increase was at the high school level,” said Jessica Gillis, Coordinator of Facilities Planning.

Source Wtop

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