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Lambro leads in low-price business-class computers - Source Washington blade

Posted on Mar 01,2018
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Lambro Inc. owner Lisa Ambrusko (center), with operations manager Marcia Riemenschneider (left) and assistant manager Anthony Clark (right). (Washington Blade photo by Michael Key)

Source Washington blade

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - If you or your small business, local company, service enterprise or community organization are seeking top-notch business-class desktop or laptop computers, peripherals or other electronic equipment, Lambro Inc. owner Lisa Ambrusko has got the deal for you.

A diverse multiplicity of local ventures, small and large companies, and individual end-users benefit from Ambrusko’s longstanding “PC Retro Computer Warehouse” store located in Alexandria, Va., providing affordable access to business-grade tools. The lesbian entrepreneur’s firm offers refurbished recent iterations of top-of-the-line computing hardware and other equipment at very economical prices.

“Cheap PCs and laptops off-the-shelf are not really a good bargain by comparison,” says Ambrusko, adding that her team is “able to link local and budget-conscious community and business entities to tech products of a quality often beyond their financial reach and at lower cost than less-powerful new equipment.”

Operations manager and technology coordinator Marcia Riemenschneider amplifies this opportunity by noting, “if you allow us to direct you to a brand and a product, especially if you need multiple matched units, you’re really going to score.”

Source Washington blade

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