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Joe Hadeed Expands his Empire

Posted on Mar 07,2012
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Photo by John Arundel
"We're revitalizing a Richmond institution," said Joe Hadeed.

By John Arundel

You'd almost think the guy is running for Governor.

Joe Hadeed is simply everywhere these days; all over radio and TV, keeping local newspapers alive by buying ads despite a stubborn Recession, sponsoring a winter coat drive and a wine and food festival on the newly-invigorated West End, chairing the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce Gala.

Photo by John Arundel
Last November, Hadeed held a winter coat
drive at Hadeed Carpet on Duke Street, to
help the less fortunate with warm coats for
the winter. Over 300 coats were collected in
one day."I like to give back to the community
which has given so much to me," Hadeed said.

...he's even in your home cleaning those dirty Persian rugs.

Last week, Joe Hadeed added another ring to his growing pile of notable achievements when he rescued a bankrupt company and saved a bunch of jobs in the lower end of the state which is suffering far more than Northern Virginia.

On Feb. 27 Hadeed purchased and is now reviving Mercer Rug Cleansing, a recently bankrupt family business that has operated in Richmond for 120 years.

His Hadeed Carpet, a highly-successful family-owned and operated business for 55 years, acquired and took over day-to-day control of the landmark Richmond-based cleaning company.

“We’re proud to add Mercer to the Hadeed family,” said Hadeed, the CEO of Hadeed Carpet Cleaning Inc. “We recognize the many contributions Mercer has made to the Richmond community and economy over the years. We intend to not only continue those traditions, but to build on them.”

Mercer Rug Cleansing and Victory Rug Cleaning, a local company that was under Mercer’s ownership, have continuously served Greater Richmond since before the turn of the 19th century.

The two businesses, formerly owned by the late George Mercer, never ceased operating, and have now successfully survived 2011 bankruptcy proceedings thanks to Hadeed.

“It’s business as usual for Mercer,” he said. “We not only intend to preserve all the jobs at Mercer, but hope to create new ones as our business expands.”

In keeping with the traditions of Hadeed, new services will be offered by Mercer.

Hadeed said he will bring his company's time honored method of deep cleaning each rug by hand. He plans to combine the Mercer workforce with his Alexandria-based team of talented artisans.

"They all will be working to one end...restoring your treasures to their original brilliance," he said.

Mercer, through Hadeed, will repair and restore fine Persian, Oriental, hand-woven and area rugs, reweaving, restoring color, and even recreating bare spots and replacing fine fringe. In another new service, free pickup and delivery will now be available for the Richmond area.

"We're revitalizing a Richmond institution," he said.

The fine art of oriental rug cleaning.

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