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How are Alexandria commuters doing 3 days into Metro station closures?

Posted on May 31,2019
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Source Wtop

By John Domen

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - As the line of passengers started to snake around the temporary platforms set up outside the Braddock Road Metro station, Ed Walsh was hot and frustrated. He pointed to other buses that were just idling across the way while he and a couple dozen others were waiting for a shuttle bus to Crystal City.

“It’s going to be a long, hot summer,” Walsh lamented. He admitted the idling buses weren’t part of Metro’s fleet, but it didn’t give him much solace while he stood in the hot, humid sunshine either.

Walsh was one of a few people who admitted to WTOP they haven’t figured out exactly how they’re going to commute to work every day yet. Some of the commuters had a few different choices they wanted to try out before settling on a set route, including Ed Simons.

“As people change their habits, one day will be better than another, in terms of bus crowding,” Simons predicted. “I found that DASH and Metroway and established bus routes have been better and more reliable than the interim shuttles.”

Source Wtop

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