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Holiday Gift Return Policies At Amazon, Target, Apple, Best Buy - Source Patch

Posted on Dec 26,2018
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Source Patch

By Deb Belt

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - Did you get the $770 Mauviel copper fondue pot with stand from Williams-Sonoma as your gift in a holiday exchange and know you'll never use it? Or maybe you want to return some random scarf for a comfy sweater, cute booties or a bag? Many retailers have lenient holiday return policies, so presents can easily be exchanged for a gift more to your taste, even if you don't have a receipt.

Clothing is the gift most often returned, says, with 46 percent of shoppers surveyed saying they will head back to stores to get a different size or style. On the flip side, only 10 percent of gift recipients say they exchange tech gifts.

Most retailers will exchange gifts, although a receipt makes the return process speedier and simpler. There's one area where that isn't true: Do not open the packaging for music, movies, video games or computer software if there's a chance you will return it. Once those items have been taken out of the package, the best you can hope for is an exchange for a similar item in the store.

Source Patch

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